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How are shipping charges calculated?
How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping costs and calculations.

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Our shipping charges are calculated and retrieved directly from the carrier's own billing system (UPS and USPS) based on your shipping zip code. This is why our shipping quote page asks for your zip code to calculate your shipping charges.

You can visit our shipping calculator here, enter your zip code, and get a list of shipping rates and methods and even the date your order will arrive depending on the shipping method you choose.

Actual Rates

The price returned is the exact amount charged to us by the carrier to deliver the poster tube from our location to ours.

Poster Tubes

It's important to remember that a poster tube is much different from a flat or small envelope. Durable (and heavy) cardboard tubes are used (and are necessary) to ship your print(s) in a protected manner so that they do not arrive damaged. Shipping flat or in envelopes causes your posters and prints to be bent and damaged. Round cardboard tubes require special handling by all carriers as they cannot be automatically sent down letter conveyor belts. This is why shipping of poster tubes can seem higher than other small packages, but in the end, it's necessary to ensure your prints arrive to you safe and sound!

Also keep in mind that we are not a mass retailer such as Amazon that absorbs it's shipping costs by mass distribution and owning much of it's own network. We use UPS and USPS and simply pass on their exact charge to you. We do not make any money off of shipping or handling charges, in fact, we lose some $ because we cover the cost of the expensive (upwards of $4 - $5) cost of each tube used to ship your prints.

Do you charge shipping per poster or per shipment?

Keep in mind that shipping is charged by the shipment and not per poster, so a great way to save on shipping is to have more than one poster or print in the order as the cost is typically the same for multiple prints in one tube.

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