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Are shipping or arrival dates "guaranteed"? What if a package is late?
Are shipping or arrival dates "guaranteed"? What if a package is late?
Updated over a week ago

When checking out, we offer two levels of shipping services - "Express" and "Standard" shipping.

Express Shipping Methods

When you choose an express shipping method, your order is processed almost immediately, and will ship the same day if ordered before Noon (Pacific) and the following day if ordered after noon. Each method shows an "arrives by" date and time as quoted by UPS. UPS Air methods arrive on time at least 99% of the time and, while they cost a bit more, are the option you should choose when you need an accurate arrival date.

Standard Shipping Methods

For more economical shipping, you can choose between UPS Ground, USPS Ground Advantage and USPS Priority Mail when you have more time to receive your order and precise tracking and special rush processing is not as important as saving some $.

Orders placed with standard shipping methods will print and ship within 3 business days (does not count orders placed after noon or weekends). These shipping methods also give an "arrives by" date, and we will ship your order to arrive by that date. These dates are not guaranteed by us or the carrier. In most cases, your package will arrive on or before the date shown, but in some areas or due to some circumstances, it could arrive a little later.

"Arrives by" Date

it's important to remember that Posterprintshop does not quote the time it will take between placing your order and when it will ship. While we strive to ship all orders the same day or within 24 hours, a variety of factors can affect exactly when your order will ship (the time of day, weekends, number of express orders in our queue, etc). Instead, we quote you an accurate "arrives by" date next to every shipping method. You should always place orders based on that date working for your needs, rather than expecting the order to ship within a certain timeframe. Orders always ship in order to arrive by the "arrives by" date quoted.

What if a package is late or arriving after the 'arrives by' date?

We know this can be frustrating. A key thing to remember is that Posterprintshop is not the carrier of the package to you. We specialize in rush printing and do everything possible to get your order shipped ASAP, with the fastest processing times in the industry. Unfortunately, after the package leaves our facility, it is in the hands of the carrier (UPS or USPS) depending on the method you chose. If your package is late, the first step is to contact the carrier with your tracking number for information on the status. The package is now in their hands, and they are the ones that can give you information on reasons why it might be late and when it might arrive.

If the package misses it's "arrives by" date by more than 48 hours and you've contacted the carrier, then we will work with you to get a replacement shipped ASAP.


UPS has reinstated it's on time performance guarantees for Air shipments. If an Air shipment misses it's quoted 'arrives by' date, please contact us and we will refund the shiipping charge. As part of the Terms of Service, neither Posterprintshop nor UPS is liable for order costs or other incidental damages for a late delivery, the maximum liability is a refund of the amount paid for shipping.

Note that on-time delivery guarantees are suspended due to national or local weather events that cause a delay in your package delivery. These delays will be posted by UPS.

Standard shipping methods (UPS Ground and USPS) do not have guaranteed delivery dates. The "Arrives by" date is accurate 99% of the time.

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