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Can you scan a physical photo or slide for me?
Can you scan a physical photo or slide for me?

Scanning of phyiscal photos or slides.

Updated over a week ago

We do not provide scanning services, we print directly from digital files that you upload.

You'll want to have the highest quality scan done of a phyiscal image possible. A good home scanner is usually sufficient or you can take photos to a local photo lab or some Fedex Office or Staples locations for scanning.

Start with a High Resolution Scan

If you are scanning yourself, scan at least at 300 dpi or even higher if possible, especially when the source photo is small. The higher DPI the scan, the larger we can make your poster.

Once you have scanned a physical photo into a digital file (a JPG or TIF) you can upload that to our site on the ORDER page to start a poster order.

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