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Help with file preparation, resolution, trimming, file types and more.

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Do you mount, frame, or laminate prints?Can I get a print mounted, framed, on foam core, or laminated?
How do I check a file for quality?Checking file quality and resolution for printing. Start with a clear source image.
I Received a Blurry PrintInformation about file and print quality issues.
Can you scan a physical photo or slide for me?Scanning of phyiscal photos or slides.
Can you add resolution or improve my file or photo quality for me?What to do with a low quality or low resolution source image.
Troubleshooting Website Issuestroubleshoot, file upload, processing, site hangs, stuck
How do I get my files to you for printing?
Should I use CMYK or RGB color space in my files?
What kind of printers do you use? Inkjet? Laser?Learn about the inkjet printers we use.
What are the trim options?Learn about trim, bleed, and borders.
Can you print solid/opaque black on transparent or film media?Can my print have a solid black background that light won't shine through?
Can you add resolution or improve my file or photo quality for me?low resolution, low quality, improve file
What are common poster sizes?Common and custom poster sizes.
Can you print on the adhesive side of window material so that I can put the graphic on the inside?
Do you mount or wrap the canvas prints?Mounting and wrapping canvas prints.
Do you provide double sided or reverse printing?double sided, reverse printing
I Received A Print With White Borders I Wasn't ExpectingHow do white borders appear in a print and what are the methods to avoid this?
How do you install window films, adhesive vinyl & backlit and static clings?Installing window cling and adhesive media
How do I add a border to my print?How do I add a border to my print and how does it affect the size of what I receive?
Do you laminate?Lamination
Can I get a proof?How to get a proof of your order.
Uploading Large Files | Maximum File Sizes by Order MethodHow to upload large files by order method.
Can I use clear transparency film for screen printing?screen printing, t-shirts, clear transparency, film
Special ProjectsQuestions about unique or DIY projects, speciality sign making, astronomy prints, film density, and other applications.