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Do you provide double sided or reverse printing?
Do you provide double sided or reverse printing?

double sided, reverse printing

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Printing on both sides of media

We are unable to print on both sides of any of our media or provide double sided printing. This is because we use specialized media for large format printing that is coated for ink adherence, and it's only coated on the front side, ink will not adhere to the other side.

Duratrans or Backlit Double

"Double Sided" printing for backlit/duratrans was used to increase the brightness or density of a print. Our current backlit film is front printed, with the back facing the light source, so a double sided print is not necessary, as current technology provides more than enough coverage for a brith print.

Reverse Printing

"Reverse" printing was used on old backlit material where the printed side faced the light source and the reverse side faced outwards, which is why a 'reverse' print was necessary. Our current backlit film has the printed side facing forward and the back to the light source, this provides the best color and brightness, so a 'reverse' print is not necessary. Reverse printing on our current media would make it so you couldn't see the image, as it's opaque behind the print.

Note: we do not provide 'double sided' printing on any media, including vinyl or other opaque materials. If you need a banner or sign that faces both directions, you would order two copies, one for each side.

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