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Do you offer local pickup?
Do you offer local pickup?

We offer local pickup to customers near our location.

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If you are located near our offices in Salt Lake City, Utah; we do offer local pickup as a courtesy to local customers. If you enter a billing or shipping address with a zip code in our vicinity, local pickup will appear as a shipping option allowing you to avoid shipping charges and pick your prints up at our office.

When is local pickup available?

We are primarily an online retailer that specializes in shipping prints around the country overnight for guaranteed delivery the next day. This means that Express Shipping orders always have the top priority in our production queue. Local pickup is offered as a courtesy to local customers. There are no shipping or handling charges in these orders.

Local pickup orders will normally be ready for pickup the following day after 4:00 pm, but may take up to 48 business hours (up to 2 or 3 business days) depending on our work log. Local pickup orders do not have a guaranteed availability time. You will receive an email that says your order has been shipped as confirmation that your order is ready for pickup.

Rush Orders

If you need a local pickup order quickly, please call our office to arrange a pickup time.

Local pickup orders are never guaranteed a pickup time unless you have been quoted an exact date and time on the phone. Without that confirmation, please wait until you receive a shipping confirmation email as notification that your order is ready.

Pickup Time

Orders may be picked up during our normal office hours of Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm, but also note that these hours are subject to change and subject to our schedule. It's always recommended to call to confirm with us that we will be available during your ETA.

If you need a guaranteed delivery time with tracking, please choose a shipping method and not local pickup, as shipping orders receive the highest priority in our order queue.

We are happy to offer local pickup as a courtesy option to customers that understand it is a courtesy and not a production priority.

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