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Can I change or cancel an order?
Can I change or cancel an order?

What if i need to make changes to, or cancel, an order I've already placed?

Updated over a week ago

To maintain our rapid turnaround times and commitment to rush printing, orders are sent into production almost immediately after they are submitted. The moment you place your order, a series of non-reversible events begin: opening your files, preparing them for printing, and sending them in to the print queue for immediate printing. This is followed by our comprehensive print and packaging process.

Because of this, cancellations or changes to orders after they are placed are not possible unless you catch an issue and call us within several minutes of placing the order. If more than 15 minutes have passed since placing the order, we cannot change or cancel it.

For this very important reason, the Terms of Service that you must agree to during checkout inform you that the order cannot be changed or cancelled after you place the order.

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