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How do I check a file for quality?
How do I check a file for quality?

Checking file quality and resolution for printing. Start with a clear source image.

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You can use our handy "File Quality Check" here to upload a file and check it's quality. The tool will check your source image's resolution and tell you how large it can be printed and still look good as a poster. Printed the recommended size or smaller will result in a great print, printed much larger could result in a blurry print.

Note that it is possible to have a high resolution, yet blurry print. This can happen if you try to add pixels or resolution to a low resolution print you downloaded from the web. Just adding pixels does not make add quality, so we recommend always testing the source image without trying to manipulate it on your end.

The file quality check is testing image resolution, but if you're uploading a high resolution (many pixels in the image) that is already blurry, then the resulting print will also be blurry.

Use common sense when looking at your source image -

  • make sure you're viewing it full 100% size on your screen, or even zooming in a bit. If the image is large and clear, your print from us should be clear.

  • If your source image is small, pixelated, or blurry, your resulting print will be blurry as well.

  • Remember, you're going to recieve a larger version of what you upload to us. Starting with a clear source image is the first step to getting a great print

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