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Uploading Large Files | Maximum File Sizes by Order Method
Uploading Large Files | Maximum File Sizes by Order Method

How to upload large files by order method.

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Maximum File Size Quick Reference

.pdf, .jpg, .tif, png

up to 250 mb

.zip, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .png

up to 500 mb

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At Posterprintshop we understand it takes large files to make large prints! Our various order methods have been programmed to accept the upload of large files, but keep in mind there are limitations depending on the order method and how your browser and our server handle the file type and size.

For all order methods, keep in mind that when you are uploading large files, it can take several minutes for the file to completely upload and process. Sometimes it could appear stuck, even though it is processing. Please be patient and give large uploads up to 5 minutes to render and display. If an upload has not proceeded after 5 minutes, then there could be an issue, contact us via the live chat icon in the lower right corner for assistance.

Order Wizard

Our easy online order wizard can handle the upload of files between 200 mb and 250 mb before experiencing issues. Large files should be sent via another method below. 90% of orders placed, even for large prints, have files under 250 mb. If you have a file larger than this file size, try saving it in a more compact file type like a high resolution JPG, which will result in the same print quality as a much larger TIF.

The limitation on file size with the Order Wizard is due to the fact that the upload is rendered real time in your browser and on our server for you to preview the size and layout. Files larger than 200 - 250 mb are too large for this process to handle.

If you can't reduce your file size by changing the file type, consider these additional order methods:

Advanced Order

Our advanced order method can handle much larger file uploads, typically up to 400 and 500 mb. This is because the Advanced Order method does not try to render and preview the file for you. Advanced Order should be used by customers that are confident their uploaded file sizes proportionally to the print they are ordering and who don't need to see an online proof of the upload.

Larger Files

If you have even larger files over the 400 - 500 mb and past the limits of Advanced Order, you can use our Manual File Upload tool under HELP in the main menu to send these files to us outside of the order process. Note that you must still place an order before using this tool, we cannot accept files uploaded here without an order to go with them. To place an order first, you can use the Advanced Order method without uploading a file, this order method allows you to select media and size and add the print(s) to cart without uploading a file. You can checkout and pay and send the files separately.

WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive

If you have large files available in WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or other transfer services, you can place your order with Advanced Order (described above, without uploading a file) and paste the links to your files in the special instructions field available in the checkout routine. We'll use the links you provide to download your files for the order.

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