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Troubleshooting Website Issues
Troubleshooting Website Issues

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Although it's rare, the site can experience an occasional issue caused by your browser or other gremlins. Following the below steps resolve 99% of issues, please take a second to follow them one by one to fix the issue.

  1. Please be sure you're using Chrome as your browser. Safari typically works but can be temperamental. Firefox and Edge are not supported, if you are using one of those, please revisit the site from Chrome.

  2. The next most common issue is caused by bad data in your browser's cache. This can occur if you've been on the site in the same browser window for an extended period (hours or days) and the cache has expired. To refresh your browser in Windows, press CTRL-F5. On a Mac, press CMD-R. This should refresh your browser window with a clear copy of our site and allow you to start again wherever you were experiencing problems.

  3. If the site is 'hung' with a 'processing' or other busy indicator and a new page won't load, force refresh the page with the same commands from step 2 above.

  4. No matter where you were stuck on the site, whether it's with a file upload, in the cart, or in the checkout process, after you follow the steps in #2 above, it's helpful to click on the Posterprintshop logo in the top left corner to reload the site's home page, then start again where you got stuck (start a new order with the ORDER button, or go back into the cart/checkout by pressing the cart icon in the top right.

  5. If you're experiencing a problem uploading one particular file, it helps to try another file to see if the issue is file related. If other files work, then you might have a bad file or file type, try renaming it and see if it works with a new filename.

We've found the above steps will fix almost all issues you could be experiencing.

If you've tried all of the above and still have an issue, please start a chat with us using the Intercom/Chat icon in the lower right corner of your browser window and we'll jump in to help!

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