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How do I get my files to you for printing?
How do I get my files to you for printing?
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The best way to get your files to us is as you place the order. Using the Online Order Wizard, you'll be prompted to upload your files and guided through the order process. If you have trouble with the Order Wizard or have extremely large size or quantities of files to send, you can place your order with the Advanced Order method which allows you to add items to your cart without uploading a file. You can then send us the file through our HELP - Manual File Upload system or via a DropBox or WeTransfer link in the special instructions in the checkout pages.

We cannot accept files via email or outside of the order process, so be sure to choose one of these order methods to send your files to us.

Because graphic files can often be large in size, we recommend you have a high speed internet connection such as DSL to upload or email your files.

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