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Can I place a reorder of a previously ordered print?
Can I place a reorder of a previously ordered print?

How do i re-order?

Updated over a week ago

Our site has an easy and convenient way to re-order prints from past orders directly from your order history.

When you checkout on our site, there is an option to create an account with a password so that your orders are saved for easy tracking and re-ordering. If you chose this option, you can log in to your account where you'll find your order history. Click on any order to bring up it's details and items, where you'll see an "add to cart" button to add previous ordered items to your cart. You can continue adding more prints for the same or other orders, and even add additional new prints to the order, and then check out with everything that is now in your cart.

If you did not create an account during checkout, you unfortunately will not be able to access your past orders for this feature. If this is the case, you'll need to create a new order, and be sure to use the "Create Account / Save Order" feature in the checkout routine, and then your new and future orders will be saved.

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